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QSC Touch Mix 16

Avenue Media | QSC TOUCH 16 sound console

The QSC Touch Mix 16 is the latest in mobile sound consoles.  Portable, precise and dynamic the power of much larger systems are at your finger tips.

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Pro Mix Power with a Simple Workflow

You don’t need a large, complicated mixer to achieve pro-quality live sound, and you don’t need to compromise on power for a simple design that’s easy enough for anyone to use. With the QSC TouchMix series of digital live sound mixers, you’ve got serious connectivity, routing, and effects processing in an intuitive design. QSC’s TouchMix is versatile enough to manage a wide range of medium- and small-format mixing tasks, while its touchscreen interface and built-in user help make it incredibly simple to operate. If your goal is to have outstanding sound quality and extensive mix capabilities in the smallest form factor possible, you’ll be impressed with the QSC TouchMix series.

QSC TouchMix Digital Mixer at a Glance:

  • Powerful mixers with generous I/O for their compact size
  • Easy access to all mixing features and processors via the large touchscreen display
  • Effortless setup thanks to the built-in Wizards, info, and preset libraries
  • Powered aux sends can drive in-ear monitors directly
  • Mix anywhere in the room, thanks to remote control via mobile devices (Wi-Fi interface included)