Large Club Line Array Package

The Kla12 line array coupled with the DB Technolies S30Ns is ideal for audiences over 1,000.  The large club package delivers some punch with attention to quality.  Wide dispersion and precise tone makes this is a sought after system for both performers and djs.

Pay special attention to the DB Techologies S30N subwoofers.  These subs represent the best in a new wave of active subwoofer technology.

Wanna go larger?  We can add additional units to accommodate audiences up to 5,000. Contact us today for more information

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3x KLA12, Active Line Array, 12″ Two-Way, 1,000 Watt

  • 500 W + 500 W power module
  • Rugged, ABS enclosure delivers light-weight durability
  • SOLO™ Rigging System supports deployment without tools or external hardware
  • Ar-Q™ Frequency Optimization quickly tunes the array with the click of a dial, adjusting for the appropriate number of boxes
  • 10:1 design factor supports arrays of up to 480 lbs. (218 kg) 5 × KLA12 and 2 × KLA181
  • 90° × 18° nominal coverage (requires only five boxes to configure a 90° x 90° array)
  • High power, 12” low frequency driver provides extension down to 44Hz without subwoofers
  • Extensive DSP further enhances and protects performance
  • 1.75” diaphragm compression driver delivers clear and powerful high-frequency reproduction
  • powerCON® Input and Thru connections
  • Tilt-Direct™ pole mount assists directivity in single-unit applications

2x DVA S30N, Active Subwoofer, 2×18″, 3000 Watt

  • Featuring a dual 18“ subwoofer pairing in a bass reflex housing, the DVA S30 packs a muscular, ultra low frequency punch. It delivers very powerful performance indeed with a range extending down to the lowest frequencies. This sub-bass powerhouse is the perfect addition to large PAs and an excellent complement to DVA T12 mid-/high-range units in stacked arrays.
  • Bass reflex horn housing
    This sophisticated hybrid design brings together the benefits of bass reflex and horn systems in a compact housing engineered to render low frequencies with high SPL.The two baffle boards are arrayed in the form of a V.
    They guide the central bass reflex channel‘s sound energy into the horn‘s port.
    This funneling action is smooth and uniform, greatly increasing its range.

    The high-quality birch multiplex housing is covered in robust black textured lacquer and equipped with eight grips.

    On the back is a transport dolly that removes easily via quick release pins to keep the wheels from rattling.